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Villaggio del sole Naturist Ecovillage

Twenty years of naturism in Italy


Our history...

The Villaggio del sole was born as a Naturist Community project for the social promotion of Naturism about twenty years ago. Originally it was a small agricultural farm abandoned in the late 1970s. It was purchased in 1999 and restored over the last 20 years. On a hilly area of 3.5 hectares there are meadows, woods, natural gardens, fruit trees and a farmhouse built in 1908. The Villaggio del sole has a long history of social experimentation and cultural association that leads it to continually transform itself in the course of the years. Today it has become a paradise of wellness, where you can stay to regenerate and regain contact with nature. Relax, massages, holidays, sun and water are the ingredients of an unforgettable stay in the only naturist oasis of the Monferrato hills of Asti. A new world, a step away from the old one, is waiting for you.


The Villaggio del sole today
Since 2019, the Villaggio del sole has been managed directly by the owner through the individual company Davide Quaranta - Services for the person - Free Profession activity pursuant to Law 4/2013, owner of the "Villaggio del sole" brand. It thus becomes a place to come and spend your free time, the weekend or your holiday, enjoying the three types of activities available: Wellness, Relax and Meditation.

Wellness, Relax and Meditation...

The Villaggio del sole today is a 35,000 square meter private estate, where we offer guests a place with activities related to Wellness, Relax and Meditation. The Villaggio del sole is essentially suitable for couples who want to enjoy a day, a weekend or a week of holiday dedicated to relax; young people, fit, sporting, healthy and good looking who love wellness, such as massages and treatments or who like to take part to personal growth activities such as meditation, naked yoga, workshops or animation, such as watergym, fitness, disco and much more. In fact, in the Wellness area you will be able to chose among a wide range of massages and treatments. For your relax you will have at your disposal the swimming pool, the Jacuzzi suitable for 5 people, sun beds, pure air and lots of nature; as for Meditation you can participate to Naked Yoga lessons, dynamic meditations and static meditations, courses, individual and group sessions proposed in the calendar. For fun, you can take watergym lessons in the pool, a Saturday night disco, karaoke and parties.



What is the Village?

The Villaggio del sole is a place of outdoor naturist wellness, in which live some people who have made naturism their new life. A B&B, a (temporary mobile) camping, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi for 5 people, a garden, sun beds, massages, treatments and cultural activities of various kinds await you for a stay of pure relax and true fun. Sunbathing, walking, practicing naked yoga, being in the pool or in the whirlpool ... you choose! There is a camping with 27 pich for tents, camper and caravan, five wood bungalow, and 3 caravan at disposal. Reservation for caravan, camper and bungalow is needed, no reservation for tents is needed. Look below for the reservation section.


How does it work?

To enter you have to buy AssoNatura membership card at the cost of € 15 per year (under 18 years old € 5.50) but if you have an International I.N.F. membership card the AssoNatura member card is free for you. Second you have to purchase the Daily Naturist Heliotherapy Service at the cost of € 25 per couple, 13 € single woman, € 25 single man per day. Buying the Naturist Heliotherapy Service the overstay in camping is free. People under 18 years old can always enter free. For a single man is possible to enter alone  only after having come at least twice accompanied by a woman, only from Monday to Friday and not in August. Look below for the regulation section.


Opening time

In 2019 we are open from June the 1st to September the 1st, and in good weather and mild temperatures, even in the last two weekends of May and the first two weekends of September. The reception opening time is 9-12 and 14-19. From 12 to 2pm it is not possible to enter. For information in English call Olga on 3294753395. The stay is possible until 8.00 p.m. in case of daily entry, on Saturday until 12.00 p.m. In case of overnight stay until 8.00 pm of the following day. For overnight stay, book the B&B or camping. Read more below, in the resevation section.


Il Villaggio


Philosophy of Villaggio del sole

The Villaggio del sole is equipped only with eco-compatible and minimal structures, according to the philosophy of re-use, recycling and the lowest possible environmental impact, in order to preserve the natural environment as much as possible. The services are offered to customers, through the individual company Quaranta Davide - Personal Services - Free Profession pursuant to Law 4/2013 and to members through the Association AssoNatura APS.


Useful tips to better understand the type of hospitality offered by the Villaggio del sole.

In order to help you to choose a suitable stay for you and not to be disappointed, we give you some information. The structure of the Villaggio del sole is very simple: there are a wood, a lawn and an old farmhouse; the roads are steep and unpaved, there are many stairs and climbs. Therefore we do not recommend it to the elderly, to people who have walking difficulties due to obesity or other motor problems, as we are not equipped to support them. The place is suitable for fit, sporting, young people, interested in meditation, yoga and wellness activities; for those who want to take a regenerating break, relax and be in contact with real nature.  We also inform you that there are wild animals and insects in the countryside. Even the camping arrangements are natural and made in simple open spaces between the trees of the wood, with a lot of nature around and little comfort. We are not a profit-oriented business like other naturist villages, so we don't let anyone in just because they pay! Please keep this in mind before booking or coming to stay with us. Moreover we prefer to host nice, open and curious people, rather than stunned and unpleasant ;-). We make a careful selection of our guests in order to guarantee a healthy, beautiful and pleasant human environment. We therefore recommend that you read the "Rules" section, carefully to be well informed about the rules, philosophy and methods of our place.

Service and facilities

Naturist Heliotherapy service.
The naturist Heliotherapy service offers customers the opportunity to sunbathe in full nudity in the private garden equipped for the purpose, including the use of the Jacuzzi, swimming pool, showers and toilets. If you do not bring it from home, you will also have a sun bed included in the service (subject to availability). The Heliotherapy service is available in four versions depending on the services included: Basic, Superior, Extra and Deluxe Heliotherapy
Purchasing the Naturist Base Heliotherapy service, you have the right to overnight for free in the camping for one night with your tent, for 2 people and children up to 12 years of age and staying in the village from your entry until 8.00 pm of the following day (if the next day is Saturday until 24.00).
Purchasing the Naturist Superior Heliotherapy service, you have the right to overnight for free in the camping with your camper or caravan, for one night for 2 people and children up to 12 years of age and staying in the village from your entry until 8.00 pm of the day next (if the next day is Saturday until 24.00).
Purchasing the Extra Naturist Heliotherapy service, you have the right to overnight for free in the camping for one night in bungalows Lavanda (4 people), Alisso (2 people), Geranio (2 people) and Red (2 people), and or children up to 12 years of age and staying in the village from your entry until 8.00 pm the following day (if the next day is Saturday until 24.00).
Purchasing the Naturist DeLuxe Heliotherapy service, you have the right to overnight for free in the camping in Chalet Gelsomino suitable for five people, for one night for 2 people and children up to 12 years of age and staying in the village from your entry until 8.00 pm next day (if the next day is Saturday until 24.00).
Look below for the Price section.

Massage, meditation and workshop.
The Massage service is offered by Davide Quaranta - a freelancer in accordance with Law 4/2013 - and includes bodily-oriented consultancy, personal and Tantra growth sessions and courses, massages and holistic treatments. Go to the wellness section to learn more about the massages, treatments and wellness programs available, all carried out in a naturist version.


Swimming pool


The pool is an above ground pool and is open every day from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm, except on Mondays, which is closed all day for weekly maintenance. It is 11.5 meters long and 5 meters wide and is 1.35 meters deep. It is situated in a panoramic position on the tip of the hill, where the view can range 360°.


Outdoor Jacuzzi


A large 5-seat hydromassage located on the panoramic terrace, near the pool area allows you to enjoy the panorama of the hills and the wood around, while relaxing into the water. Or you can lie on the loungers in the sun or in the shade enjoying the breeze of the hills in peace.


Patio: self-service and activities area

Under the main patio, on the ridge of the hill, the following self-service facilities are available: soft drinks / water, ice cream, coffee and tea, milk kettle, microwave oven, gas barbecue, small kitchen, library. In the activity area, group activities take place, such as the disco and the brunch.


Hammocks park

In the small park of oaks, elms and pines, on the ridge to the northwest part of the hill is the park of the hammocks; a cool and ventilated place, in the shade of old trees. It is a place a little special ... where you can be cradled by the wind in absolute relax...meditating or just fall asleep....


Toilet block


Showers, toilets, bidet, sinks, foot washer, hair dryer, toilet paper, liquid soap, washing machine and iron for hire, common fridge available for guests.


Baby Club


In a space near the pool there is the Baby Club. A colored wooden house with a loft for indoor games and a swing, a slide swing and sand for outdoor games... A place where children can play always under the careful control of their parents.


Parking and changing room

Spacious parking for cars, located in the farmhouse courtyard for daily Naturist Heliotherapy entrances. If you stay on a campsite there are also some parking spaces inside the campsite. Ask for more info at the reception on your arrival. A dressing room to leave clothes and get naked before entering is available near the parking.



Naked Trekking

A series of marked and signposted paths and lanes that cover the three and a half hectares of the village, going up and down the hill, through pine forests, woods, hazel groves and fields ... to walk quietly bare for trekking or a relaxing walk.



Bed & Breakfast


Bed & Breakfast Raggio di sole

Our bed & breakfast has two rooms: the blue room and the yellow room and it is located inside the farmhouse of the Village of the sun. The rooms have been restored and restored keeping them as rustic and original as possible. The yellow room has a small private bathroom and the blue one has a shared external bathroom, just like it used to be. We can say that they are very similar to what they were in the early 1900s, when they were made. The farmhouse was the home of a family of poor peasants who built with the means available in the area, mixing cooked bricks and raw bricks, stones and wood to build a building that perfectly reflects the rural buildings of the time.
Bed and breakfast are characterized by simplicity and tranquility. Breakfast is self service on the outdoor patio in June, July and August, while in winter it is self-service in the room. The rooms are heated with wood burning stove or wood-burning fireplace, which you will learn to use. For precise choice there is no TV, no telephone in the room and no air conditioning. Each room has a small fridge that keeps the drinks fresh.
Price list.
Double room per night with breakfast € 55
Third bed per adult per night € 15
Third bed for child up to 12 years per night € 10





Camping Colline del mare  

The campsite is managed by the AssoNatura Association, and is a temporary mobile campsite, in accordance with the derogation provided by the Piedmontese Regional Law n. 54/1979 "Discipline of outdoor accommodation complexes", art. 16 (derogations and exclusions), paragraph 2. The camping facilities are all temporary, resting on the ground without fixed foundations, they can be mounted at the beginning of the period and dismantled at the end of the period of use, without any impact on the territory.

The campsite is 100% eco-friendly and has zero impact. With 27 pitches for tents, campers, caravans and wooden houses on wheels. Service block inserted in the structure of the farmhouse with zero impact, also. The renewable electric current supplied to the columns is produced with solar photovoltaic.

The nearest food shops are in Montafia, about 5 km from the Village, and in Monale, about 7 km. Taverns, restaurants and pizzerias are nearby in less than 5 minutes by car. Ask the Reception for the list and book directly if you want to go out for dinner and try the typical Piedmontese and Asti cuisine

Service: Parking for 22 cars, washing machine and iron for hire, showers, wc, bidet, sinks, hair dryer, toilet paper, liquid soap, common refrigerator available, self service breakfast at the Patio bar, ice cream, soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, common gas barbecue, microwave oven, sun beds and matters available.

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Massage, treatmens, week-end and thematic programs

In the wellness area you can enjoy individual massages of many types;  Several treatments are very special, such as water massage. There are several massage rooms, made in the porch of the old farmhouse and in the old cellar. They are fully equipped with futons, massage beds, essential oils, candles and massage oil. Equipped with wood stoves and a wood-burning fireplace, they create a warm atmosphere in winter while they are pleasantly cool in summer. With wooden floors and exposed brick walls, they are well integrated into the structure.  

Woman Massage from Davide:
- from 45 minutes, on a cot:
Anti-stress Relaxation Massage (€ 35).
- from 1 hour, on a cot:
Californian Massage, Bioenergetic Massage (Biomassage), Ayurvedic Massage (€ 55)
- from 1 hour and 15 minutes, on a sun lounger: 7 chakra massage (60 €)
- from 1 hour and 30 minutes, on the ground, on a futon:
Kashmiro Tantric Massage, Sensitive conctact Massage (€ 65)
- These are the treatments / massage with natural cream, for 15 or 30 minutes:
1. Facial or body treatment 15 minutes (€ 15)
2. 30-minute facial and body treatment (€ 28)
These are the treatments in the jacuzzi, from about forty / fifty minutes:
1. massage in hydromassage of shoulders, arms and chest, with external bath operator (€ 28);
2. Rebirth-watsu (water massage) with operator in the water (55 €);
3. Rebirth-watsu + feet massage with operator in the water (55 €).

Man Massage from Francesca:

from an hour, on a cot: Californian massage.
variables from an hour to an hour and thirty minutes, on futons :

Instinctive Sensual Massage, Kashmiri Tantric Massage.

Man Massage from Olga:

from an hour, on a cot or on a futon:
Anti-stress Relaxation Massage, Californian Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Lymph Drainage Massage, Balinese Massage, Thai Massage, Corporate Massage, Foot Reflexology, Full Body Massage.


Price and Reservation



Prices are exempt from I.V.A. as required by law n. 190/2014, Art. 1, paragraph from 54 to 89 and carried out in the Forfetta Regime. They are subject to stamp duty which is paid on the original invoice. The fees are not subject to withholding tax pursuant to Law 190/2014, Article 1, paragraph 67. The invoice by name will be issued "in cash" upon payment.

We only accept cash payments, except for down payments when booking by bank transfer. We do not accept debit cards, credit cards and checks.

The wellness activity is carried out as a profession in accordance with Law 4/2013 and the activity of "wellness massage" in accordance with what was clarified by the Decision of the Council of State of 25 July 2016, regarding the activity of massage.

Price list 2019


Bed & Breakfast

- per room, per night, for one or two people 55 €
- third bed for children up to 12 years 10 €
- third bed for adult 15 €


- Overnight in tent, camper, caravan and bungalow  Free*

(*necessary the AssoNatura card and the purchase of the naturist heliotherapy service)

Naturist Heliotherapy Service

- basic type, woman, daily from 9 to 20, Saturday until 24 13 €
- basic type, couple and man, daily from 9 to 20, Sat until 24 25 €
- superior type*, couple, single woman and man 30 €
- extra type**, couple, single woman and single man 40 €
- DeLuxe type ***, couple, single woman and single man 60 €
- Subscription° Basic Naturist Heliotherapy, full season, per person  350 €

* Valid from 9am to 8pm the following day and includes a free overnight stay at the campsite with own tent, tent or own camper / caravan or trailer available.
** applies from 9am to 8pm the following day and includes a free overnight stay on a camping site in wooden bungalows.
*** Valid from 9 am to 8 pm the following day and includes a free overnight stay on a camping site in a wooden chalet.
° with the subscription you have the entry and the overnight stay with your tent / caravan / camper every day and every night of opening of the season.


- Beauty and Relax week-end, a couple 260 €
- Fiore d'estate Week-end, a couple 350 €
- Profumo di primavera week-end, for person 99 €
- Beauty Relax Day in couple, a couple 170 €
- Beauty Day woman 80 €
- Beauty Day man 110 €
Nature and cuddles week-end for man 220 €
- Woman massage* da 35 a 65 €
- Man Massage da 60 a 120 €
- Couple Massage* 120/180  €
- women's program " Temple of the soul" 110  €
- women's program " Beloved goddess" 90 €
- women's program " Sacred sexuality" 100 €

*detail in the Wellness section.


Bed & Breakfast
To book you have to write an e-mail to info@villaggiodelsole.org or call 3294753395 (Olga for english) or 3669502015 (Francesca for franch) to check availability. Subsequently send, by Bank Transfer, a deposit equal to 30% of the booking, with a minimum amount of 55 €.

No reservation is required for overnight stays with own tent. For overnight stays with camper, caravan or in bungalows or in caravans available in the Villaggio del sole, it is necessary to book by writing to info@villaggiodelsole.org or 3294753395 (Olga for english) or 3669502015 (Francesca for franch) to check availability. Then send, by bank transfer, a deposit equal to 30% of the booking, with a minimum amount of € 25.

Naturist Heliotherapy (with daily stay)
Daily naturist heliotherapy should not be booked. For naturist heliotherapy with a free overnight stay, follow the booking instructions for the campsite or B&B.

To book wellness weekends and thematic itineraries, you need to send an e-mail to info@villaggiodelsole.org or call 3294753395 (Olga for english) or 3669502015 (Francesca for franch) to check availability. Subsequently send, by bank transfer, a deposit equal to 30% of the booking, with a minimum amount of 50 €.
To book 
you can conveniently book your massages directly at the reception
or, if you prefer booking in advance, for women's massage with Davide call 3347669278, for man massage with Olga on 3294753395, for man massage with Francesca at 3669502015.


Information and Regulation


General Information

The Villaggio del sole © is a trademark owned by the Davide Quaranta Individual Company.

AssoNatura is a Social Promotion Association based in the Villaggio del sole, in Via per Viale 5, Cortazzone.
Find more information on the website

The Temporary Mobile Campsite is managed by the AssoNatura Association, and is one of the free cultural activities carried out by the members of the association, according to the derogation provided for by the Piedmont Regional Law n. 54/1979 "Discipline of outdoor accommodation complexes", art. 16 (exceptions and exclusions), paragraph 2.

The B&B Raggio di Sole is a non-commercial activity managed by Olga Morozova, based in Via per Viale 5 Cortazzone (AT).

Davide Quaranta Holistic Operator is an Individual Company that carries out freelance activities pursuant to Law 4/2013 with headquarters in Via per Viale 5 Cortazzone (AT) - VAT number 01600390056 which provides Personal Services.


1. PRIVACY. We strongly advise you not to give your phone number and / or e-mail or residence address to people you meet in the village of the sun and to other associates, as the fact of being associated does not automatically mean that it is of people who respect the privacy of others. In particular we advise women not to leave their contact details to men, but rather to let them leave so that they can manage and not be subjected to subsequent contacts.
2. FILTERS. Despite our provisions to stem the entry of people who pass themselves off as naturists but are not, we strongly advise you to give little credit to those who approach you chatting for the ultimate purpose of damaging the village's activities: advising you to go to another naturist structure on vacation or at the weekend, to go out of the village because there is this and there is that, not to do meditation activities, not to do massages, etc. etc. You have to consider that the card costs relatively little and anyone can afford it; so know that there are people who register and attend in order to prevent the development of the village of the sun, to damage it from the inside, giving advice to visitors like those mentioned above, with the effect of annoying the new arrivals so that so they decide not to come back. They can be people who have just joined the association, but also people who have been attending it for many years; be careful because they are often couples, of which he or she acts as bait. tip: decline any invitation with kindness and exclude them
3. NATURE. Respect nature: don't break branches, don't destroy plants, don't pollute earth, air and water. Do not throw paper or waste on the ground, save water, do not collect fruit and vegetables in the gardens
4. RESPECT. If you have children in the age of puberty or adolescence, on holiday with you or taking you with you on a Sunday outing, who have clearly told you that they do not intend to get naked, we ask you not to stay at the Village of the Sun. Teenagers and children must be as naked as everyone. You are not wearing a pareo or towel as if it were a skirt. If you are slightly cold you wear a t-shirt, underwear is not necessary; no pareo, no towel around the waist shelter from the cold.
5. ACCESS OF MEN and WOMEN. If you are a single man know that the entrance is regulated as follows: on weekends, on holidays and from 1 to 30 August, access unaccompanied by a person of the opposite sex is possible after having previously entered at least two sometimes accompanied by a person of the opposite sex. From the third visit onwards it is obligatory to enter accompanied by a person of the other sex at least once on three entrances. Admission alone in any case, even for men we already know and AssoNatura members in previous years, is allowed only if there is an even number of women entering the Village at the time of entry, alone to ensure that the number of men and women within is equal.
From Monday to Friday, except in August, access is allowed alone and two accompanied by persons of the opposite sex, and so on, independently of the single women present inside. Residents, domiciled and collaborators of the village of the sun are exempt. For those who only have time to perform a massage or wellness treatment, access to the massage rooms is always permitted. According to the Assonatura code of ethics, a non-repeatable "day of setting" is provided for women, where newbies will gradually experience nudity, choosing times and ways, based on their "feeling". They can therefore wear the monokini (only the part below).
6. PHOTOGRAPHS. The use of videophones in the vicinity of other people is prohibited. To take photographs and film in the ecovillage, you must request authorization from the people you intend to take back. We remind you that the publication of these photos on the Internet or in print is also subject to the written authorization of the people taken.
7. CLEANING. Regardless of how you find it, leave the bathroom clean after use. Guests are required to collaborate in keeping the services, lawns, pool and any place in the place clean. The order and the cleaning of the common places and the services is entrusted also and above all to the civil behavior and the good education of the guests. You are invited to report abuse of other guests.
8. SILENCE. We ask you to respect a period of silence between 24.00 and 10.30 in the morning and between 14.00 and 15.00 in the afternoon. Radios, radio recorders, musical instruments and voice should be kept at low volume and in any case at a volume that is not audible to neighbors.

9. FIRE. Making fires is strictly prohibited due to the danger of fire, unless authorized by the property. Gas stoves, alcohol and charcoal barbecue sufficiently protected are permitted.
10. RESPONSIBILITY of the MEMBERS and GUESTS. Those who stay are personally and jointly responsible for any fires, outbreaks, material damage deriving from their own behavior, from that of their minor children and that of their dog or their animals, towards things or people, including himself. The property in case of necessity can decide the immediate expulsion. The Civil Liability insurance is provided through membership in AssoNatura, while the accident insurance is paid by the individual guest and is not provided (see point 19).
11. SMOKING. Smoking is also prohibited outside or in your own tent / caravan / camper. Smoking only in the two areas indicated.
12. WASTE. The guest and the member must strictly follow the instructions to differentiate the waste according to the current Municipal Regulation. Instructions are posted at waste collection areas and on bins.
13. LIGHTING. Avoid light pollution. Don't use more light than you need.
14. ANIMALS. You can bring your dog but you must always keep it on a leash and collect its needs. Please report abuse to management.
15. DISEASES. Any infectious disease must be declared immediately to the property.
16. PARKING. Vehicle parking is not guarded. The property declines any responsibility for any theft or damage to cars.
17. SPORT. The use and practice of games, sports and activities of any kind is at your own risk.
18. LIABILITY OF THE PROPERTY. The property declines all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to property or persons.
19. INSURANCE. The Accident and Civil Liability insurance is mandatory for all AssoNatura members. The non-member visitor must show a document certifying the aforementioned insurance coverage with another insurance company or alternatively is required to sign a liability discharge. In any case, in the absence of an insurance the guest is always jointly and severally liable for damages caused to third parties and to himself.
20. OPEN DAY. The Direction can decide that for particular promotional and / or informative events the entrance to the site is allowed even to non-naturists in order to allow sharing and experimentation even to those who are not yet naturists
21. POOL. Every time you enter the pool you need to shower soap on your entire body, including your face and feet, to remove all traces of sunscreens, deodorants, sprays, sweat and soil. Children up to 12 years old must be supervised directly by their parents.

22. EXPLICITLY EROTIC ATTITUDES. Warning! In the association's headquarters, in the swimming pool, in the sunbathing lawn, in the bathrooms, on the patio, in the dining area, in the reception, in the parking lots, in the camping, in the disco and in any case in areas where at that given moment there are more people, they are forbidden attitudes explicitly attributable to erotic and/or exhibitionistic activities, such as, for example but not exhaustive, to touch one's own and others' genitals, to speak aloud about topics whose theme is sex, doing so specifically that the neighbors of deckchairs, tables, or neighboring persons are forced to listen, approach people with the ill-concealed intent to involve them in erotic activities and any other attitude attributable to explicit attitudes of the sexual sphere. Those staying in camping must respect the hours of silence, and in any case do not carry out sexually explicit behaviors that can disturb the other campers, such as shouting, shouting, loud noises, theaters, speeches with a sexual background made audibly by the neighbor. Supervisors in charge are required to check compliance with this article. Any partner or guest caught to implement the above mentioned behaviors will be called once. In the event of a repeat offense he will be expelled.

How to do it in practice

1. Respect other naturists. Wearing a dress, a bikini or a thong, among naturists, can do the same thing as appearing naked at a gala dinner: everyone is embarrassed.
2. In the evening it is commonly dressed, but total nakedness is nevertheless allowed. If the outside temperature is sufficient for you, you can stay naked anywhere.
3. To sit on chairs or in common places, you can use a towel of modest size; trailing behind or covering oneself with a huge canvas is obviously an excuse to get dressed.