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Puoi usufruire delle vacanze al villaggio rispettando i regolamenti previsti dall'associazione AssoNatura e dal Bed & Breakfast Raggio di Sole.
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Facilitazioni per lo scambio culturale dei giovani in cambio di aiuto

The project AU PAIR-WORKAWAYERS FREE HOLIDAY is offered to boys and girls under 34 years old, Italians and foreigners, who want to make a holiday in close contact with nature (plants, animals, woods), in a pleasant and unspoiled place, in exchange for a few hours of work, always in nature, in return for living. For those who want to experience human relationships away from crowded places, such as cities and shopping centres, it will be a perfect holiday ! All in a place where the experience of loneliness becomes a virtue and work a meditation, to be done in the service of a unique project in Italy and perhaps, in the world. In fact,  who comes to make this experience is collaborating to the creation of the unique eco-village naturist project on the planet carried on by Assonatura, a Naturist Association of Social Promotion, which is also promoting a cohousing naturist project, grows natural gardens for self-production of vegetables and preserves, manages a naturist camping and a well-being naturist area. To keep this dream alive, tasks are many, and varied: for spring and summer (May-June, July and August-September) we have prepared 7 "daily programs" each of them containing 5 working hours for 6 days, and a day off. Timetables and details of the approfondimenti_ecovillaggiotasks are explained in each program and will be given you to your arrival. As an example, you can have a look at one of the programs described below. You will have to comply with given schedules and instructions. If you experience difficulty or you need help you must contact the Manager of the program. The "Green" program deals with the maintenance and care of green areas and ecological islands, the "Blue" one with watering flowers and plants, the "Red" one with helping as a waitress, the "Pink" one with helping in the kitchen, the "White" one with cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, and terraces / patio / gazebo, the "Yellow" one with entertainment and sports for adults and children, the Jolly program has various tasks. The programs will be assigned according to people capabilities or the needs of the structure. In addition, each participant will have to cook for the whole group once a week, lunch and dinner and clean the kitchen for that day. You will be staying in mobile homes / caravans with one or two people and / or in wooden houses from 2 to 6 people. The board and lodging, use of the pool and facilities will be for free for the entire period of your stay, which must be at least 15 days, even up to 4 months. Boys and girls who have already been to us came from Spain, Holland, Lithuania, Estonia, Portugal, Italy, but we have no limits on nationalities of the participants. In order to make this experience you will need to become a member of the association at the cost of 18 € per year (that you will have to pay). There are no other costs, except, of course, the journey to get there and go back home. If you are interested send a written explanation, (cv), containing similar experiences already made abroad, as a workawayer  in alternative projects, or as an au pair boy or girl, and your manual skills. Your curriculum must also contain your personal information and (necessary) two photos (face and all body). We look forward to meeting you! Write to info@assonatura.it

vacanze_giovani_gratisVacanze Giovani under 28 - VANTAGGIOSO!
acquistando il Servizio di Elioterapia Naturista
della ditta TantraLight a 15 € a coppia (7,50 € a testa al giorno)

Periodo: quello di apertura, ogni anno.
Luogo: Cortazzone

Riservato a Coppie costituite da un ragazzo e una ragazza, dai 18 ai 28 anni, sono ospiti del Villaggio del sole completamente GRATIS, con sistemazione in tenda propria o, compatibilmente con le disponibilità, in roulotte a noleggio (nostre) o propria o camper proprio - Soggiorno e Campeggio, Servizi igienici, docce e piscina Gratis, acquistando il servizio di Elioterapia Naturista dalla Ditta TantraLight e sottoscrivendo la tessera ad AssoNatura. Necessario essere soci: tessera associativa1 8 € annuali.


Informazioni: 3347669278 (Direzione AssoNatura)

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