Bed & Breakfast

A bed & breakfast in a farmhouse

The B&B Raggio di Sole is a non-commercial activity managed by Olga Morozova, based in Via per Viale 5, Cortazzone (AT). Our bed & breakfast has two rooms: the blue room and the yellow room and is located inside the farmhouse of the Villaggio del sole. The rooms have been recovered and restored keeping them as rustic and original as possible. The yellow room has a small private bathroom with sink, toilet and shower and the blue room has a shared external bathroom with sink, bidet, toilet and double shower, just like it used to be. We can say that they are very similar to how they were in the early 1900s, when they were made. The farmhouse was the home of a poor peasant family who built with the means available on the territory, mixing cooked bricks and raw bricks, stones and wood to build a building that perfectly reflects the rural construction of the time. Both bedrooms have an independent entrance and are equipped for breakfast in the room. You will be given the key and you will be completely autonomous in your movements. They are equipped with wood heating, the blue with stove and the yellow with fireplace and both equipped with electric and silent convector, with thermostat for maintaining the temperature during the night. Bed and breakfast are characterized by simplicity and tranquility. For a precise choice there is no TV, there is no telephone in the room and there is no air conditioning. Each room has a small minibar that keeps drinks cool.