What is an ecovillage? A container of ideas and … facts!

An ecovillage is a human research and experimentation laboratory whose members cooperate showing that a different world is possible. It is small enough to allow to all the participants to get to know and interact with each other. A place where people can feel accepted and listened and large enough to satisfy a big part of human needs, such as having a house, eating, working, having fun, as well as social, educational and spiritual needs. It is a place that respects nature and the environment, for this reason renewable energy sources are used- such as recycling of waste, things, objects, tools and use of adequate technologies. We build using local materials bought from local suppliers. We try to build ourselves everything we can; we try to help local economy and follow a trend towards zero impact.

The Villaggio del sole has zero impact

The 20,000 square meters surface of the villaggio balances the impact of CO2 produced by the villaggio inhabitants. Zero-impact trend is also due to the separate waste collection and the low consumption of any product.

We produce renewable electricity

A 6 Kw photovoltaic system on the roof of the house has been operating since May 2015. The new-generation plant is equipped with inverters and wiring and it has already produced a lot of free and non-polluting electricity.

Natural gardens of the Villaggio del sole

Organic agriculture, integrated pest management, biodynamic crops, permaculture; and so on. Here, in the Villaggio, we think that “organic” is nothing more than the way people grew plants before the agricultural industry was born; that is, before the use of pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers. So, for us the correct definition is: natural agriculture (i.e. according to nature). When we do not use any chemicals, but only manure or compost, when weeds and diseases are eliminated with natural products and / or manually agriculture is practiced naturally. A part is for predators (birds, insects, larvae, aphids,) a part is often affected by diseases, what remains is our harvest, in peace and balance with nature: that’s all. Nature does not need any certification body to guarantee for itself: natural agriculture, that is according to nature, “certifies” itself: come here, you see it with your eyes, you touch it with your fingers, pick up the vegetables and if you want you eat them hot in the sun!

Culture, books and naturism

Davide and Olga were part of the models who posed naked for the realization of the book “Cerchi divagazioni sulla libertà” by Franco Luigi Carena ( for the publisher L’ARCIERE with preface by Margherita Hack (astrophysics) and introduction by Domenico Affinito (Vice President of RSF), released in January 2010. Davide wrote a short text about freedom hosted in the third chapter; chapter that also deals extensively with naked body, nudism and naturism. Lugi Carena struggled for 4 years without finding a publisher willing to publish his book, nor an association accepting to copyright, sponsoring it. In 2010 he succeeded with the copyright devolved to RSF (Reporters sans frontieres) and supported by the following associations: AGEDO, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, ASSONATURA, CARE THE PEOPLE, RSF, UAAR, UNIFAM. In the village of the sun we hosted Luigi Carena for the book presentation conference in 2010 (see video on youtube) and Maurizio Pallante who came to talk to us about happy degrowth. Italo Bertolasi, writer and experimenter, Paolo Cericola with his cuddles therapy and many others who held courses, workshops and conferences.