Our story

It was the year 1999 … The Villaggio del sole was born as a Naturist Community project for the social promotion of Naturism about twenty years ago. It was originally a small farm abandoned in the late 1970s. After the purchase in 1999, it has been restored over the past 20 years. On a hilly surface of 3.5 hectares there are meadows, woods, natural gardens, fruit trees and a farmhouse built in 1908. The Village of the Sun has a long history of social experimentation and cultural associations which leads it to continuously transform throughout the years. Today it has become a wellness paradise, where you can stay to regenerate yourself and get back in touch with nature. Relaxation, massages, holidays, sun and water are the ingredients of an unforgettable stay in the only naturist oasis in the hills of the Monferrato Astigiano. A new world, a stone’s throw from the old world, awaits you!