What is today

The Villaggio del sole is an outdoor naturist wellness place where some naturist people live. From 2019 the Villaggio del sole is managed directly by the owner, Davide Quaranta – Personal services – Freelance activity pursuant to Law 4/2013 which owns the brand “Villaggio del sole”. It thus becomes a place to come and spend your free time, the weekend or the holiday, taking advantage only of the three types of activities made available: Wellness, Relax and Meditation. The Villaggio del sole is today a 35,000 square meter private estate, where we offer guests and customers a place and activities dedicated to Wellness, Relaxation and Meditation. The Villaggio del sole is essentially suitable for couples and women who want to live a day, a weekend or a week of holiday for relaxing; young or, if not young, healthy people who love nature, wellness, massages, fit, sport and that like to participate in following personal growth activities such as meditation, naked yoga and workshops. There are also animation activities such as water aerobics, fitness, disco, body painting and much more. In the Wellness area you can choose between a wide range of massages and treatments. For your relax there are the swimming pool, whirlpool, sun beds, pure air and lots of nature at your disposal; in the field of Meditation you can participate at naked yoga lessons, dynamic meditations and static meditations, courses, individual and group sessions proposed in the Village calendar. For fun you have the possibility to follow the water aerobics lessons in the pool, the disco on Saturday evening, karaoke and special parties.



Useful tips. In order to help you to choose a suitable stay for you and not to be disappointed, we give you some informations. The structure of the Villaggio del sole is very simple: there are a wood, a lawn and an old farmhouse; the roads are steep and unpaved, there are many stairs and climbs. Therefore, we do not recommend it to the elderly, to people who have walking difficulties due to obesity or other motor problems, as we are not equipped to support them. The place is suitable for fit, sporting, healthy people, interested in meditation, yoga and wellness activities; for those who want to take a regenerating break, relax and be in contact with real nature.  We also inform you that there are wild animals and insects in the countryside. Even the camping arrangements are natural and made in simple open spaces between the trees of the wood, with a lot of nature around and little comfort. We are not a profit-oriented business, like other naturist villages, so we don’t let anyone in, just because they pay! Please keep this in mind before booking or coming to stay with us. Moreover, we prefer to host nice, open and curious people, rather than stunned and unpleasant ;-). We make a careful selection of our guests in order to guarantee a healthy, beautiful and pleasant human environment. We therefore recommend that you read the “Rules” section, carefully to be well informed about the rules, philosophy and methods of our place. Some of which are the following:
– Animals. Dogs are allowed, but always on a leash and under the responsibility of the owners. Their needs are always collected by the owners.
– Smokers. You cannot smoke outdoors. There are two smoking areas outside and marked out. Smoking is allowed inside them only.
– Garbage. It is strictly forbidden to take away the garbage on one’s own without differentiating it. It is mandatory to strictly separate waste and deposit it in the appropriate containers inside the Villaggio del sole.
– Lunch break. Even in summer, from 13 to 14, every day, the reception desk is closed for lunch and entry is not possible. The entrance gate will be locked. In case of need, agree by phone in advance.
– Soaps and deodorants. Especially for those who stay overnight in B&B and for those who make massages we ask not to use perfumes or chemical deodorants (all industrial products on the market are)- because they are annoying, disorientating, and have unnatural and often unlikely odors. Bare, washed skin with its natural smell is best. If you bring soaps or shampoos with you from home, bring them preferably of exclusively vegetable origin.
– Call. When you use the phone please move away from people and speak in a low tone so as not to disturb others.
– Voice. It is forbidden to cackle, scream and speak out loud in common areas and relaxation areas.