General Information

Legal Information: The activity of wellness, massages, consultancy, treatments and training courses are carried out as a free profession by Davide Quaranta, a personal services individual company, pursuant to Law no. 4 of 14.01.2013, published in the Official Gazette on 26.01.2013, relating to Professions not recognized in Albi and Roles. The wellness massages are carried out, pursuant to the Judgment of the Council of State of 25 July 2016 which clarifies that the beauticians are reserved by the law of 1990 on the profession of beautician, only and exclusively aesthetic massages, while all the others are not an activity exclusive to them. The Natural Disciplines that Davide Quaranta deals with – Freelancer in accordance with Law 14.01.2013 n ° 4 – have no therapeutic purpose from the point of view of allopathic medicine or medical profession. They do not consist in the formulation of diagnosis or in the indication of prognosis, in relation to diseases or dysfunctions of the body or mind, in progress or foreseeable, as well as in the prescription of therapies and prevention practices or in the manipulation of the human body always for curative purposes or preventive according to conventional medicine. The natural and unconventional medicine professional never recommends to stop ongoing therapies of any case, indicating to always remain under medical supervision as it does not replace it. Natural Medicine aims at helping to regain body energy balance and lead a peaceful life. The term “healing”, when used, should be understood as a synonymous of well-being, vital energy rebalancing. While the term “cure” means in this case concern, commitment and attention towards the person. Also, they do not refer to any treatment provided by the Aesthetics Law, which requires specific qualifications. The Naturist Heliotherapy Service only provides suitable structures and a quiet and safe place for sunbathing in total nudity. The courses and stage are teaching activities of holistic and natural practices that are based on specific disciplines, techniques and knowledge according to nature. The Temporary Mobile Campsite is a non-profit activity and is managed by AssoNatura Association in the form of free cultural activity carried out by the members of the association, pursuant to the derogation provided for by the Piedmont Regional Law n. 54/1979 “Discipline of outdoor accommodation complexes”, art. 16 (exceptions and exclusions), paragraph 2. AssoNatura –National Naturist Association – is based in the Villaggio del sole, Via per Viale 5 – Cortazzone (AT).

Administrative information: The Villaggio del sole is a trademark of the Davide Quaranta Individual Company – Personal services – Freelance in accordance with Law 4/2013 with headquarters in Via per Viale 5 – Cortazzone (AT) – Tel 3347669278 – VAT number 01600390056. Access to the Private Property called Villaggio del sole is subject to the purchase of the Naturist Heliotherapy Service provided by the Davide Quaranta Individual Company. The B&B Raggio di sole is a brand owned by Davide Quaranta and Olga Morozova and is the sign of recognition of the Bed & Breakfast service. The B&B Raggio di sole is located in the Village of the sun, in Via per Viale 5 – Cortazzone (AT).


Tax information: The Davide Quaranta company is an individual company, with registered office in Via per Viale 5 Cortazzone (AT), consisting of a freelancer on a flat-rate basis pursuant to Art. 1, c. from 54 to 89, Law 190/2014. The transactions are carried out duty-free pursuant to the same law. The invoiced fees are not subject to withholding tax pursuant to Law 190/2014, paragraph 67. The stamp duty is paid, if due, on the original of the Invoice and is equal to € 2 if the amount exceeds the € 77.47. Each service corresponds to a fee and a registered invoice which is issued “in cash”. The B&B Raggio di Sole is a non-commercial activity, as it is carried out in a non-continuous and auxiliary way, without the obligation to have a VAT number, managed by Olga Morozova, with headquarters in Via per Viale 5 Cortazzone (AT). The Assonatura association is a non-profit social promotion association regularly registered in the national registers of the third sector.


Participation in the activities: AssoNatura activities are reserved to the association members and their families in accordance with the provisions of Law 383/2000 on Social Promotion Associations; in order to take part to the activities you must pay the membership fee of the current year.

Insurance Information: AssoNatura members are covered for any damage caused to third parties by a civil liability policy, stipulated through affiliation to CO.N.A.C.R.E.I.S. with the insurance company UNIPOL. Accident coverage is not provided. Davide Quaranta is also insured through a Professional Insurance policy as a Holistic Operator registered with the C.O.N.A.C.R.E.I.S. – Card 492 – Insured Finethic-Unipol Professional Civil Director who insures customers from damage.

Privacy. We inform you that to take advantage of the services of Davide Quaranta individual company you will be required to release your non-sensitive data, which will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Act currently in force and which will not be transferred to third parties. In addition, to take advantage of some services we ask you to sign an Informed Consent, useful to make sure that you are fully aware of the methods and techniques related to the specific service you are using. We inform you that to take advantage of the AssoNatura services you will be required to release your non-sensitive data, which will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Act currently in force and which will be communicated to the CO.NA.C.R.E.I.S. in order to provide insurance coverage.

Prices. The prices on the pages of this website are updated to the currently valid price list.

Photos. The photos on the site are owned by the Villaggio del sole and / or by their authors. Downloading and using photos is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted by law under the copyright rules.