Naturist Heliotherapy

Sunbathing in full nudity…


One of the best services we can offer you is Naturist Heliotherapy, through which you can make the experience of sunbathing in full nudity in a private garden equipped for this purpose, including the use of the Jacuzzi, swimming pool, showers and toilets. If you do not bring it from home, you will also have a sun bed included in the service (subject to availability). You can buy a Standard, Superior, Extra or Deluxe Heliotherapy daily ticket. This service allows you to enjoy the beauty of a flowery garden, with woods, meadows, trees in the countryside of the Monferrato Astigiano region, and to practice Naturism Therapy. We provide you with a beautiful place, available from June to September, where you can sunbathe in total nudity, even with your children and your family. A protected place, with a large swimming pool and other self-service facilities, such as ice cream, drinks, breakfast, coffee, tea, etc. etc.
The place is controlled and protected and the Naturist Heliotherapy service is provided as follows:

– Short Naturist heliotherapy, per day for women 13 €, for couples 30 €.
– Superior Naturist heliotherapy, per day for women 35 €, for couples 35 €
– Extra Naturist heliotherapy, per day for women 40 €, for couples 40 €.
– Naturist DeLuxe heliotherapy, per day for women 60 €, for couples 60 €.
– Minors are free.

If you choose short heliotherapy service, you will have a free overnight stay on a camping pitch with your tent. With Superior Heliotherapy you will be awarded with an overnight stay on a pitch with your camper / caravan, or in the caravans available in the Villaggio del sole. With Extra Heliotherapy you will spend a night for free in a wooden house on wheels and with the DeLuxe an overnight stay in a chalet on wheels. You will be asked also to subscribe AssoNatura membership card at the cost of € 15 per year. If you stay for 2 or more nights the membership card is free for you (only for foreign customers). These prices are meant just for AssoNatura APS members. In case of extra overnight stays in caravan, bungalow or chalet you need to book, booking is not needed for extra overnight stays with your own tent in the camping.