Many wellness activities and for having fun

At the Villaggio del sole you can take part to personal growth and wellness activities in special areas. As for Naked Yoga lessons (1h15min), or dynamic and static meditations. You can take part to water aerobics by the pool or to naturist disco on Saturday evening. You can taste the dishes of the Sunday Brunch and take part to naturist body painting. Book the activity you want to try when you arrive at the Villaggio … and have fun!

The activities you can part to are:

• Naked Yoga
• Water aerobics
• Meditation
• Body painting
• Naturist disco
• Aperipranzo and Apericena
• Sunday brunch
• Baby Club
• Cinema under the stars
• Massage
• Courses

Naked Yoga

A yoga free from clothes and fashion ! An ancient practice working on the body to make you feel just as natural as you are. A soft but strong yoga, proposed by Francesca, to gain and keep a souple and tonic body and a balanced mind. 1h and 15min naked yoga lessons, including final relaxation.

Water aerobics

Gymnastics activity in the pool on Sunday morning led by an instructor. About 30 minutes of music and movement in the water.


Several daily meetings dealing with static and dynamic meditations, mainly in August, led by guides with years of experience.

Body Painting

Body painting with professional non-toxic colors, carried out in a group, with the help of an expert who manages and coordinates the activity.

Naturist disco

Dance party every Saturday evening with DJ set, lights, maxi audio system with modern playlists and revival, to have fun in total freedom.

Sunday brunch

Once we used to have Sunday lunch, maybe with homemade “agnolotti”, meat sauce and delicacies cooked by our grandmothers. But times change and today we rediscover some original and partially forgotten recipes, a little bit simplified and modified. We propose a modern brunch dating back to old times.

Baby Club

Game activities for children by the volunteer parents coming here with their families.

Cinema under the stars

Outdoor films showed on a mega-screen and video projector, once a week or more, during the summer season at the Patio.